Arizona Homeowner Liability

Property Owner and Dog Bite Liability

In the State of Arizona, some dog bite injuries are covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Any person responsible for the dog including a friend or relative of the owner may be held liable if a violation of Arizona Leash Law or negligence caused the attack. When liable, a homeowner’s insurance carrier may be legally obligated to pay damages. At Erlichman Law Firm, we pursue every avenue of recovery to ensure you recover the compensation you are entitled to including the owner, responsible party, and insurance carriers.

You can pursue damages from the dog-owner, their homeowner’s insurance carrier, and any individual responsible for the dog at the time of the bite or attack. Contact us for more information regarding your rights and claims.

Arizona state property owner and dog bite liability

While some states have a bite law allowing for “one free bite,” Arizona imposes strict liability on the owner of any dog that bites a victim. While the owner will usually be held responsible, any person in charge of the care of the dog at the time of the bite will also be held liable for damages to the victim or the victim’s family.

In addition to homeowner’s insurance, a dog bite may also be covered by:

  • Renter’s insurance
  • Landlord’s insurance
  • Dog owner’s insurance
  • Business insurance.

Even if the dog of a friend or relative bit you, you can recover from a homeowner’s insurance carrier so that no one will be forced to pay out of pocket.

Property owner liability and dog bite injuries involving friends or relatives

Most dog bites occur in the house or home of the friends or relatives of a victim. While you may be hesitant about pursuing a dog bite injury lawsuit against someone related or close to you, other options are available. Usually dog bites are covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy so that you will not force your friend or relative to pay out of pocket. Dog bite victims can sustain severe injuries and losses and should be compensated accordingly.

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Attorney fees are deducted from the recovered compensation after reimbursement of costs and expenses. In the event that no compensation is recovered, clients may be responsible for some court costs and expenses.