Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists who suffer serious injuries face the additional difficulty of trying to prove their case in court. Motorcyclists are often treated unfairly after an accident if a jury believes that the activity is inherently dangerous or that the driver was reckless. At Erlichman Law Firm, we are committed to protecting the rights of motorcyclists who are not seemingly respected in the system. When you suffer we will aggressively pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle accident cases can be difficult to prove and require a skilled attorney with a demonstrated record in motorcycle accident claims. Contact us for an immediate consultation or case evaluation.

With significant experience, our primary attorney believes that motorcyclists are treated unfairly. Many use excuses like, “I didn’t see him,” or “he shouldn’t have been there.” When in court, we will articulate your position to the court to ensure proper understanding of the law and your rights. Our attorney will take the time to understand your unique needs and position to ensure that you receive the medical treatment and compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle accident investigations

To prove fault in a motorcycle claim, it is necessary to begin an immediate investigation. Our team of accident reconstructionists and other investigators and experts will collect and preserve evidence for your case and identify every party responsible.

Motorcycle accident injuries

Due to the nature of the accident and the vulnerability of any biker, accident injuries are usually severe. We are experienced in cases involving brain injuries, head injuries, fractures, paralysis, burns, scarring, or wrongful death.

Contact Erlichman Law Firm for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. All car accident and motor vehicle cases are taken on a contingency basis (NO FEE unless we recover an award for your case).

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Attorney fees are deducted from the recovered compensation after reimbursement of costs and expenses. In the event that no compensation is recovered, clients may be responsible for some court costs and expenses.